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Regulatory Compliance



Protocol driven approach to complying with specific regulatory standards on an industry level.

Regulation are driving industries to overhaul their legacy system

The global supply chain compliance landscape is more dynamic today than during any other time in history. Increased stakeholder expectations, heavy fines resulting from non-compliance, delayed market access due to complex global trade rules, and a multitude of overlapping raw materials and product integrity requirements are common challenges organizations navigate.

  Varying standards and regulations;

  National, state/provincial, local regulatory requirements (e.g. GDPR, eIDAS);

  Non-standard identifiers create confusion and add cost;

  Industry Standards (e.g. ISO, NIST);

  Bilateral or multilateral trade agreements;

  Internal Corporate Policies;

  Contractual Agreements;

  Customer and NGO expectations;

  Competing standards.

React and remediate approach as opposed to preventive or proactive approaches

It’s time to see compliance as an opportunity, not a burden. 

  Through Pepeeta you can codify industry standards into smart contract and secur them via distributed protocols (e.g. ISO or NIST standards can be converted into multi-company distributed protocols);

  Collaborative ROI is accomplished when dozens of players in an industry plug into a protocol solution to achieve compliance;

  When we identify and solve business problems that cut across multiple companies with a protocol, then we can deliver “collaborative ROI” to the enterprise;

  Don’t just see compliance as a burden but an opportunity to get connected and find other business transformation benefits.

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