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Pepeeta brings good news - An interview to Luca Pedetti CEO of Pepeeta

Posted on Nov 27, 2018



Hi Luca! What is your start up name?

Hi! It’s called Pepeeta

How did you come up with this name?

We have chosen Pepeeta — Empowering Chain firstly because it is original and friendly and has something exotic and, ,more seriously, because in Italian expresses well the built in value of a golden pepita like the ones that can be found in mines , rough initially, but that becomes more and more defined and esteemed.

What is Pepeeta?

Pepeeta — Empowering Chain born from the necessity to offer innovative solutions on ledger-distributed technology to companies. It is something highly innovative, which is only at the beginning of its evolution with an high potentially. Specifically, it consist in an ecosystem populated by four native dApps and open to hosting new ones.

What are dApps?

The dApps are decentralized applications, from witch the abbreviated name. This are applications designed through the same architecture of the distributed peer-to-peer network. Every activity of the dApps is managed by smart contracts and their functionality are menaged by payment of tokens.

And what are your dApps offering?

The dApps contained in Pepeeta, are going to cover the timestamping requirements, like securing certain time, archiving, log audit system, as well as electronic invoicing and code reviewing.

You were talking about ecosystem, what does it means?

The ecosystem is precisely the layer with which Pepeeta is built. In fact, according to Pepeeta’s vision, we would like to encourage as much as possible the population of the platform with as many dApps as possible to create an environment where different services can meet in a common context that facilitates the use and the user experience.

Which are your goals?

Our goals are to become a reference point for the “applied” blockchain and to make the opportunities linked to the platform and its dApps more and more known.

An idea about the timing?

The first two dApps will be available in the first quarter of 2019, while the remaining two will be released in the third quarter of 2019 and in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Will you have a token?

Yes, we will have a Token placed on Ethereum Classic and will follow the ERC20 standard. Everyone can participate to the ITO from the website

Are you planning an Initial Token Offer?

At the moment, we are working to build a serius and proficient Token Offer.

An idea about the timing?

We can suppose that between January and February, the private sale phase will take place, so the token sale will be open until the tokens run out.

Updates will release, stay tuned!