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Deploy, invoke, and govern decentralized applications

The Pepeeta stack simplifies and empowers the deployment of dApp that ensure trust and automation to the enterprise.
Our distributed ledger infrastructure is based on the Pepeeta Platform® and its own protocol Trolley®. We believe it should be easy to launch a decentralized application that delivers security, performance, resiliency, interoperability and scalability. This is why we’ve conceived this infrastructure, because with it, enterprises, organizations and governs can realize collaborative efficiency gains that unleash valuable resources and cost reduction.

Pepeeta has been built starting from open protocols and combines every kind of data source, enabling System Integrators to easily combine their products, supply chain management products, and other applications with industry protocols that run on the network. Compartmentalised IT systems can contribute to end-to-end efficiency gains once they are plugged into an industry network and start to communicate p2p and record transactions to the ledger.

The complete enterprise supply chain toolbox

Develop and leverage protocol solutions that improve the business
Pair protocols with the power of our fully decentralized network technology to create a universe of trusted end-to-end supply chain solutions, from track and trace to AI and IoT integrations.

Our technology stack is the foundation for the creation and support of multiple dApps each one for specific industry domain, Pepeeta Platform® brings together the multiple areas of use to populate the platform with dApps and the network together both in a BaaS or full package license approach. Secured by the fully decentralized and private blockchain Trolley network, enterprises can develope and leverage protocol solutions and dApps that improve their supply chain and solve problems much more efficiently than previously possible. Because of network effects, ecosystems built on Pepeeta Platform get even better over time as more nodes join.


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