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Our Platform

Our Platform

Interpreting the enormous possibilities offered by the Ethereum and NEO protocols, Pepeeta through the powerful “Celani” MiddleWare has positioned itself as a hybrid cloud network, on which are exposed four different dApps that will intervene in the areas of billing and electronic payment, revision of the code, log control of the register, notarial authentication.

The languages used to write each line of code are the most innovative, the cryptographic standards used to protect every information are the most recent and constantly updated, the smart contracts are solid, free of vulnerability and constantly monitored.

Pepeeta environment is designed on three different layers:

– a top layer where are placed the dApps – decentralized web applications – who run on the blockchain distributed protocol. Everyone could use dApps via web through the smart contract logic and the token system;

– an underlying level where there is a space in which Pepeeta operates like DAO where is possible to develope, edit or connect your own dApp;

– a middleware layer, called Celani – dedicated to our loved colleague Marco Celani who too early leaved this world – that is a power orchestrator of different services. This layer is not visible for the user and is both stable and permanent.

Is easy to reach Pepeeta, because it is only necessary to install the plug-in (a web browser extension) to be registered in and create an account. After the welcome page, the client shows a dashboard, from which you can access to:

1. Multiwallet Dynamic Dashboard, where is possible to manage any of yours external wallet and monitoring your balance;
2. Chart and KPI’s, where all the information are represented as key process indicators and trend charts;
3. Chain Ledger, where is possible to know in real time the chain status, the transactions and all the blocks created.

On top of the window, you can select one of the four Pepeeta’s dApps and browse them as you need.

Pepeeta offers space for new dApps, providing the DAO with special smart contracts for anyone who wants to create their own dApp on the platform.
To create, build or connect your own dApp, is necessary to link to the apposite contact form, or following the instructions on our GitHub page.

The strength of Pepeeta lies in its ease of use, flexibility and scalability.
Moreover, the low cost of the operation allows its use in many environments ranging from the single user to the structures of the corporates companies.

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Use Case

We already applied Pepeeta’s features for Vitrociset SPA. We built a specific blockchain configuration of its enterprise content management (ECM) system.

Many other prospect are going to proceed and we welcome anyone who wants to be part of the new era of smart economy. Pepeeta will be your best blockchain partner.