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Our Platform

Our Platform

With the aim to overtake the enormous possibilities offered by the global Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEO protocols, Pepeeta has empowered the blockchain performances focusing on interoperability and scalability. Inspiring to a full ISO/OSI stack, Pepeeta can integrate and exchange every kind of data, transferring them through the blockchain used as a broadcasting channel.

The languages used to write each line of code are the most innovative, the cryptographic standards used to protect every information are the most recent and constantly updated.


Pepeeta environment is designed on three different layers:


– a top layer where are placed the dApps – decentralized web applications – who run on the blockchain distributed protocol. Everyone could use and create dApps via web through the TABI (Trolley Adapter Blockchain Interfaces) and run them with Request/Response transactions;

– a ditributed ledger layer where there are the original pBFT validation and consensus algorythms;

– an underlying level where there is the software, the business logic, the persistence and the wallets;

– a network of peer nodes, that makes the architecture distributed and permissionless, connected via iPv6 standard.


Is easy to join Pepeeta:

  • At first is necessary to download from our GitHub page the Pepeeta SW and create a personal Wallet and connect them to the TestNet;
  • Following, it is necessary to register on Pepeeta Official Portal and after, claim a slot of transactions from Faucet. You can also see the blockchain status;
  • Then, you can download from our GitHub page the Pepeeta Stamp Client, thus you can start to use this Pepeeta’s dApp to Notarize every kind of file, browsing from your device totally secure. You can also verify at every time the prensence and the autenticity of the file in chain.
  • Pepeeta exposes Rest API to create new Adapters. That is so easy: is sufficent to read the instructions contained in the TABI standard and hook the Adapter to the referred node previously created, and start! No fees of deloyment, no extra costs. The only condition to play is to have transactions on wallet.


If you want more support to create dApps or other business questions please use the contact form.


The strength of Pepeeta lies in its ease of use, flexibility and interoperability.


Moreover, the low cost of the operation allows its use in many environments ranging from the single user to the structures of the corporates companies. 

*Our SW is dedicated to our dear team member Marco Celani, who leaves this world too early and always inspire us  ♥


Use Case

We already applied Pepeeta’s features in defence industry. We built a specific blockchain configuration of an enterprise content management (ECM) system.

We continuously produce Proof of Concept and count companies, industries and government agencies among our partners.

Many other prospect are going to proceed and we welcome anyone who wants to be part of the new era of smart economy. Pepeeta will be your best blockchain partner.