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Channel Integrity




Provide tracking information and proof of goods provenance to authorized parties.

Tracking in an increasingly complex world

Gobal supply chains have become increasingly complex, making product movements difficult to trace. Traceability and track and trace is becoming a regulatory requirement across many industries and yet, validating veracity of data, supporting regulatory audits, integrating siloed systems, automating end-to-end processes, and ensuring privacy is an afterthought for current approaches.

  Track and trace requirements are being driven by global regulatory standards;

  Goods, documents, and money flows in supply chain are disconnected and manually processed;

  The friction between IoT platforms, ERP, and financial record-keeping systems results in a slow digitization of supply chain;

  Data is synchronized in batch operations with a lag of several days;

  Inability to establish the legitimacy of inter-party event logs;

  Traditional tracking solutions are hosted in private databases and not interconnected – which means email and manual process to trace the ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ back to source. Paying a centralized service provider to keep a repository of your supply chain events often involves leakage of data to hedge fund;

  Centralized solutions create industry-scale vendor lock-in. 

Manage complex multi-source contents

Provision, administer, and communicate complex multi-source contents join your CMS with Pepeeta Platform and deployment of that on the network protocol.

Pepeeta’s Trolley protocol allows users to streamline the creation and communication of complex multi-party contents while maintaining privacy by design for pricing and critical business functions. Interoperating and scaling multi-contents with permanent encrypted transactions. Contents involving products and authorized customers can leverage the product and member registry with the ledger.

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