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Multi-Stakeholder Audit & Certification Management

Upload and manage audits and certifications.

Monitor the standing of not just one player but the entire vendor network over time and space.

  Fragmented network leading to one off audits and remediations;

  Many standards leading to numerous and expensive third party audits, little ability to track whether remediations occur, and insufficient tools to proactively monitor network level compliance;

  Vast number of requirements that must be monitored and adhered to in order to deliver responsibly-produced products;

  Numerous regulations, certifications, audit requirements, and standards bodies;

  Lack of trust in validity of certification claims;

  Lack of network and privacy protecting tools to support network level certification and audit compliance portfolio;

  No real time visibility into compliance status of overall supplier network. 

Privacy-first, network-wide audit and certification management

An effective supply chain compliance program enables better control and visibility into the supply chain, allowing for smoother operations and the movement of goods. Work with your entire supply chain and industry network to ensure audit and certification management without revealing sensitive supplier information.

  Manage industry-wide information about standards, audit, and compliance requirements;

  Multi-party, multi-stakeholder audit management; monitor not just the audit and standing of one player, but the entire supply chain ecosystem;

  Ensure that everyone’s confidential data stays confidential;

  Ensure technical and program documentation is complete, verifiable, and linked to compliance systems;

  Compatible with Audits and Certifications ranging from ISO standards to NATO and other.

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Discover the other business areas with the same benefits: